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dentalDo I have to be 65 to qualify?

No. In order to ensure maximum flexibility to families and individuals, many dental health care insurance companies are offering the same coverage plans to seniors that are available to younger individuals.

This is a tremendous benefit because many seniors would like to be on the same plan as a younger spouse, who is not yet 65. Additionally, this feature brings the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have access to dental, vision, and hearing insurance when you need it most.

What is covered?

Dental, vision, and hearing plans are available to meet the needs of the individual or family. This means that a wide variety of quality plans, offered by highly rated and trustworthy companies are available to choose from. With the help of an enrollment specialist, you will easily be able to identify the plan that is right for you. Preventive and basic services, like cleanings and exams, or even dentures and prosthodontics can be covered by the plan you choose.

What if I have preexisting conditions?

Preexisting conditions are covered! Many plans even have immediate coverage, with no waiting period, for some services. You will not be denied coverage, nor will your plan be issued with riders or limitations due to preexisting conditions. Major services, however, such as crowns or bridges, are typically subject to waiting periods of 6 months to 1 year from the effective date of the policy. These features are common among most carriers.

Is my dentist/doctor in the network?

Actually, it isn’t necessary that he/she is. By far the best plans available today are “fixed benefit” or “scheduled benefit” plans, and offer ultimate freedom from HMO’s and PPO’s. Fixed benefit plans pay scheduled dollar amounts per procedure, whether the provider or the patient submits the claim. These plans eliminate network haggling between the providers and insurance companies, and place you in control of your own benefits.

Medicare Dental 101

We have a Medicare Dental 101 page that has more information about how Dental works Click Here.

How much does it cost?

Each plan is different and customized to meet the budget and coverage needs of the individual. Most plans range between $15-50 per month per individual. Speak to a licensed representative today to obtain a free, no obligation quote. Your information will never be sold or distributed.

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