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HealthNet Medicare Plans

HealthNet Medicare Plans

HealthNet Medicare Plans are composed of features and benefits that can provide you with ease and convenience in choosing the best Medicare Plan. Health Net provides you with options in your healthcare as you can choose from the original Medicare plan that you have or from HealthNet Medicare Plans. These plans are Healthy Heart, Violet Option 1, Violet Option 2, Aqua, Ruby, and Jade.

Healthy Heart: This is a healthcare plan offered by Health Net that is a Medicare Advantage Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) that has a contract with the federal government. With this healthcare plan, you can get your prescriptions from Health Net group of pharmacies. This enables you to get huge savings from your prescriptions. Choosing your doctor is also easy as Health Net has formed a network of hospitals, doctors, and specialists. You even have the opportunity to do not change your doctor as he/she may be a member of Health Net.

Violet Option 1: You can enroll at this Heath Net Medicare plan if you are entitled for Medicare Part A and entitled with Medicare Part B and living within the service area. This healthcare plan offers less than $100 monthly plan premium in addition, to your Medicare part B monthly premium. This amount enables you to save from the cost of additional payment for your Part B and Part D premium.

Violet Option 2: This is among the HealthNet Medicare Plans that offer $0 monthly premium to your Medicare Part B monthly premium. Both HealthNet Violet plans are PPO plan that offer users the freedom on healthcare choice as users can freely choose their medical providers. Healthcare network providers can definitely provide you with higher levels of benefits, but these healthcare plans enable you to get out from the network at a higher cost.

Health Net Aqua: This is among the HealthNet Medicare Plans is to Medicare Part D, but without the benefits on prescription drug coverage. Purchasing the healthcare plan can provide you with benefits, but it can subject you to a 1% per month penalty in every month that you delay. This is an ideal choice for your healthcare if you have other drug coverage provided through an employer or VA plan.

Health Net Jade: This is among the available HealthNet Medicare plans that are designed for people who can meet specific criteria for enrollment. People diagnosed with chronic heart failure, diabetes, and cardiovascular disorders are eligible to join this plan.

The benefits that you can get from these HealthNet Medicare plans include premium and other relevant information, doctor and hospital choice, inpatient hospital care, inpatient mental care, skilled nursing facility, hospice, doctor office visits, and chiropractic services. In addition, you will also get outpatient services including ambulance services, emergency care, medical equipment, outpatient rehabilitation services, and diagnostic tests.

Using the internet, you can have the opportunity to choose the right healthcare plan for you. Your health is extremely valuable, and you should make sure that you are enrolled as HealthNet Medicare plans so that you will be able to pay for your healthcare.


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