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Coverage Decisions & Appeals:

SCAN health medicare has been helping seniors with Medicare to get the very best and most comprehensive medical aide for their health and independence for well over 35 years.  They have 2013 benefits available with extremely competitive rates.


Part D benefits (drugs) is often referred to as an “Initial Determination” or “Initial Decision”  When the coverage decision is about your Part D drugs, the initial determination is called Coverage Determination.

Scan is always available to help their customers .  They fantastic customer service for their members.  There is also a government program called SHIP that they participate in.  State Health Insurance and Assistance Program.  This is where third party representatives like Medigap group can really take you by the arm and help you further.

SCAN Health Care is a medicare advantage organization with a Medicare Contract; SCAN also coordinates with a Medicaid expert Care coverage company as well.

SCAN Health medicare puts their hearts into helping seniors with medicare and they get the most common sense medical coverage for their health and independence. They have many 35 and older people.



States AM Best
California NR
Arizona NR

Scann offers a network of care doctors:

You should receive a routine care plan from a local doctor or physician as regularly as 1-2 a month.  SCAN helps you with this process and Medigap Group is here to assist you in your local area to help you find a doctor that can help with this process!

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